After many years in the Real Estate industry you get to know who are the top salespeople and who aren’t. You also need to ensure that your tenancy isn’t impacted on adversely by the wrong approach from a salesperson.  So what we do is appoint the right salesperson on your behalf and work closely with them to ensure you receive an outstanding result for your property.  Selling investment properties happens all the time due to people’s circumstances changing and is just another area of expertise where we can obtain the best outcome on your behalf.
The short answer is twice a year as per the Residential Tenancies Act, however we do like to do a quick inspection shortly after the tenants have moved in just to make sure they are happy with everything and things are as they should be.  Another form of inspection is through the eyes of our switched on and loyal group of trades people. They understand our motivation for property care and are always on the look out to report back any potential issues  they observe that may adversely impact on your property.
If you believe your current agent is not the “right fit” for you as a property owner then it’s time for you to place trust in Ryan Property Specialists. We will arrange a smooth transition of management from agent to agent. We will ensure that all the required information and keys etc. are transferred across to us and we will act as your agent by dealing direct with your former property manager.
Whilst it is a requirement for all our property owners to be adequately insured in regards to building and contents insurance, landlord insurance is a more individual choice influenced by each client’s differing needs. Our active and engaging management style results in very few landlord insurance claims. In today’s complex world, rises in divorces, redundancies and other life events can occasionally affect a tenancy in completely unexpected and unforeseen ways. It is strongly advised that landlord’s be adequately insured to protect their interests. Many of our landlords take out landlord insurance to safeguard them against any malicious damage or lost rental income in the unfortunate event a tenancy is ended unexpectedly and outstanding monies cannot be recovered.
Of course you can, but you should listen to your agent in regard to rent levels as the knowledge and experience on what constitutes the current market price is one of the key reasons why you are employing them. If a property is slow to lease because the rent is slightly too high, it only takes a few weeks of “lost rental” to impact negatively on your properties financials. Having a pro active property manager that not only understands the market dynamics but communicates frequently with you about the best leasing strategy as tenancies change and mature will save you thousands of dollars in lost rental income.
So long as your property is priced and marketed correctly your vacancy rate should be minimal.  We also pride ourselves in maintaining excellent relationships with our tenants, which usually leads to them being more co-operative when allowing us access to show the property to new prospective tenants. This of course again minimizes our client vacancy time and loss of rental income. Your agent must also be prepared to show your property outside of normal working hours as in many cases this is the best time for capturing prospective tenants looking for their new home.  We hold open for inspections and private viewings at times to suit tenants, once again to ensure we minimize any loss of rental income.
It is standard practice to lease properties for a twelve month period with a renewal being negotiated towards the expiry of the fixed term.  We also cater for longer term leases when required.  In these instances we recommend having rent increases built into the lease agreement to protect our clients.
Ryan Property Specialists make it clear right from the beginning of the tenancy that rental payments must be in accordance with the lease agreement and that is payable in advance.  Once the rent has been cleared we account to all owners with funds banked electronically and statements forwarded by email.  The rent will fall due on the same day every month from when the tenancy commences.
A good property manager lives and breathes the business. They make it their business to be “right across” the current market values of properties available for lease on the market.  This knowledge is supported by market evidence and with the best technologies available today.  Every client expects us to be accurate with our pricing and our up to date systems and procedures ensure we are.