Your rent is paid monthly and due on the same day each month. Therefore the monthly rent is calculated by the daily rental amount multiplied by 365 (366 when a leap year),  it is then divided by 12 months to get the monthly amount.
We request that all communication be submitted to our office in writing.  If the matter is urgent, please contact our office on 03 9899 6099 and then follow up with an email to kym@ryanproperty.com.au.
All maintenance is to be submitted to our agency in writing, please use our Maintenance Form.  Should the maintenance be urgent, please phone our office so we can attend to the matter immediately.  Should urgent maintenance arise outside business hours please contact Kym Ryan 0418 337 627.  In the event you are unable to speak with Kym please contact our preferred tradespeople.
As per the Residential Tenancies Act, we require at least 28 days clear notice in writing of your intention to vacate the property.   Please note that the notice is not effective unless it is received in writing.  Rent must be paid in full to the 28th day.  28 days notice can be given 28 days prior to the expiration of a fixed term lease and end on the last day of the contract.  Please note that the end date of the notice can not be before the end date of the agreement.
If you need to vacate prior to the expiration of the fixed term you are seen as ‘breaking’ your lease agreement.  You will be responsible for rent until a new tenant is found and releasing costs. Should this be the case please advise our office.
It is important to ensure that when vacating you follow our final inspection checklist and leave the property in a clean and tidy condition and in accordance with the original condition report.  This will ensure a speedy refund of your bond. Under the Act the agent has 10 business days to refund the bond.