Deb Dillon

Senior Property Manager

    About Deb Dillon


    Deb Dillon truly realised her passion for property when she began her real estate career back in 2002. However, even before that time she had already built an impressive track record of assisting people to manage a variety of challenges as a successful educator in the disability sector, as well as helping countless clients protect their investments in the Insurance industry.

    Having managed a respected Property Management team for many years, Deb combines extensive industry knowledge with a friendly nature, making her a popular source of advice and insights for clients and colleagues alike.

    A true ‘people person’ who takes pride in making clients from a wide variety of backgrounds feel both informed and protected, Deb’s helpful nature extends beyond the office where she is an active member of several valued and supportive community groups.

    Deb Dillon has made helping others the central pillar of an impressive career, so don’t hesitate to call on her for guidance.

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