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Out-grown your current home?

The impact of the coronavirus lockdown over the past six months or so has provided a lot of Melbourne residents with some interesting insights into their home and, in particular, how well it suits their needs, (particularly if working from home has become a regular part of your week). This has created an interesting dilemma for many Melburnians…they’d like to move to a property that better suits...

End of Financial Year Property Health Check

If you own an investment property or know someone that does – we are offering a complimentary ‘End Of Financial Year Health Check’ to make sure that you are properly positioned and maximizing the return on your investment property in the current climate. With so many changes from tenancy laws, to issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, issues, before you lodge your tax return, take advantage of...


What’s in a word?

You may have noticed a shift in the wording of some of our communications. This is a result of the latest amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act which has stipulated that ‘Landlords’ are now to be called ‘Residential Rental Providers’, whilst ‘Tenants’ are now legally titled ‘Renters’. CONTACT...

pet laws

New laws on pets in rental properties are now in place.

These new laws will mean it is easier for renters to have a pet, but there are also some important steps required to ensure compliance and consent conditions are met. Check Renters should first check that the pet they intend to keep complies with existing council laws or legislation. Apply Renters must request consent from their rental provider using the Consumer Affairs Victoria pet request...

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